YaraMila JAVA

YaraMila JAVA

YaraMila JAVA ( Your quality NPK fertilizer for Coffee and Tea).

Every granule of YaraMila™ JAVA™ contains balanced NPK nutrients. The YaraMila™ JAVA™ also contains Magnesium, Sulphur and Boron.

Balanced source of nitrogen:
YaraMila™ JAVA™ include a balance of nitrate and ammonium nitrogen, making the product significantly more effective with the combination of immediate plant available Nitrate N-content and slower release of N-content from Ammonium.

Unique phosphate:
Water soluble P (orthophosphate) is immediately available for uptake into the plant. YaraMila™ JAVA™ has 70% of that water soluble Phosphate and 30% of Di-calcium phosphate. This Phosphate form is not immediately fixed in the soil, and so maintains P availability for a sustained period of time.

Formula : NPK 22-06-12 +2 CaO, +1 MgO, +S, +B, +Zn