YaraLiva NITRABOR – Calcium nitrate (High nitrate nitrogen and soluble calcium for your fruit crops and vegetables).

YaraLiva™ NITRABOR™ provides fast acting nitrate-N alongside strength building calcium and boron. Immediately available nitrate nitrogen is quickly taken up by the plants and triggers a fast growth response.

Nitrate – N is not fixed in the soil and stays available to the crop. It increases the uptake of cations like potassium, calcium and magnesium and supports a fast and healthy growth.

YaraLiva™ NITRABOR™ also provides 100% soluble calcium. Soluble calcium is essential for cell wall resistance and improving quality and shelf life as well as increasing the proportion of marketable produce. Calcium contributes to improving plants resistance to pests and diseases. It promotes a good soil structure, prerequisite for healthy rooting and higher yields.

Boron is essential for flowering, fruit set and to sustain strong rooting; it improves the uptake of calcium hereby promoting healthy tissues and high crop quality.

Formula: 15.4 N (NO3 + NH4) +26 CaO, +0.3 B