April 04, 2024

Off To A Good Start With Animal Nutrition Plan

Our experts took delegates through the unique offerings of the rich animal feed products.

The launch of our animal nutrition plan for Tanzania and Rwanda is clean and dusted! The hard work now begins out in the field, taking the knowledge to our customers and partners.

The launch events in Iringa, Tanzania and Kigali, Rwanda towards the end of September 2023, were exciting and successful. We engaged with farmers, suppliers and other stakeholders in the livestock and fisheries sub sectors.

The participants in both the countries clearly showed and expressed interest in the animal feed line of business that Yara was introducing in the respective markets. Managing Director Winstone Odhiambo led our teams in both the launches that received strong backing from government authorities that readily welcomed and embraced the initiative.

Peter Mukua Sales Nutritionist, Alina Taute and Cecilia De Oliveira from South Africa were our experts who took delegates through the unique offerings of the rich animal feed products.

Yara’s country wide distributors and partners with rich experience from using our fertilizer products were also in attendance and shared their captivating testimonies about the positive impact that Yara’s quality products have had on their businesses.

 They noted that the fertilizer brands have not only improved farmers’ productivity but have also provided their businesses a competitive edge in the market, noting that repute would give them a head start marketing the new animal feed products.

With the kick-off events now behind us, our agronomy and commercial teams look forward to a much more fulfilling experience working with targeted customers to drive the desired business objectives and prosperity for the farmers and suppliers.

We expect better tidings ahead.

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